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    • WORBLI Begins 1 Billion Token Airdrop

      Decentralized fintech platform WORBLI is leveraging the EOS network to deliver the first compliant financial services network (FSN) in the world, built on blockchain technology.

      2018-12-06 22:10:39
    • KuboCoin Announces Airdrop

      As of this article, the KuboCoin project is eleven days away from beginning its swap period and migrating from the Waves platform to the Ethereum platform. Details regarding the swap can found here…

      2018-12-06 06:53:39
    • Tokrex Announces Airdrop

      Airdrop King on Twitter: "

      2018-12-05 23:59:13
    • Bitpie and 21DICE Collaborate for Airdrop

      Bitpie and 21DICE have started their Airdrop Cooperation. Therefore, over 210K of TOD will be given away, every Bitpie user can receive 1000TOD by filling in the form (amount limited, subject to…

      2018-12-05 14:48:36
    • Update From KuCoin: Master Contract Token Airdrop Has Been Distributed

      Master Contract Token (MCT) Airdrop Has Been Distributed#MThis post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))#MDear KuCoin Users,#MWe are happy to

      2018-12-05 13:27:02
    • Gooreo Announces Airdrop

      Airdrop Alert on Twitter: "⏰ GOOREO #AIRDROP ⏰

      2018-12-04 22:32:18
    • NaiTech Announces Airdrop

      Airdrop.Love on Twitter: "

      2018-12-04 00:32:27
    • Origintrail Announces Airdrop

      Kripto Airdrop on Twitter: "Origintrail Airdrop


      2018-12-04 00:10:08
    • Scam Alert From PumaPay: Beware of Fake Airdrop

      PumaPay on Twitter: "Beware of scammers! https://t.co/8MAEbaImoA #pumapay #pma #blockchain #scam #technology"

      2018-12-03 16:50:42
    • BeLL Ofically Launches and Announces Its First Airdrop

      ■Web http://bellwallet.io/ ■Whitepaper http://bellwallet.io/BELLwallet_whitepaper.pdf ■BeLL Twitter https://twitter.com/BeLLPlatform ■BeLL Telegram https://t.me/BeLLPlatform ■BeLL Facebook…

      2018-12-03 09:06:45
    • Caspi Coin Announces the launch of Its Airdrop

      Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Caspi Coin Airdrop.Caspi team announces a Airdrop campaign with 5,000,000 tokens.Please, fill in our Airdrop form to join the Airdrop and get your 100…

      2018-12-03 04:58:51
    • Gratz Announces Airdrop

      https://gratz.io/register?aff_id=5782880ad7438009e7dcda13e7f0e07f. “Gratz airdrop” is published by Chad Michael Libby

      2018-12-03 03:54:27
    • LockTrip Announces Airdrop

      https://locktrip.com/airdrop?refId=25429. “LockTrip airdrop” is published by Chad Michael Libby

      2018-12-03 02:32:05
    • Crypto Credit Airdrop Is Now Live

      Crypto_Credit Airdrop is LIVE Now. “Airdrop Is LIVE” is published by Crypto Credit

      2018-12-03 02:28:49
    • Rento Token Sale and Airdrop Is Now Live

      Their token sale and airdrop is live now, this is an investment opportunity to be in on a unique companies ground floor. Rento creates an ecosystem for the development of sharing economy. Not only…

      2018-12-03 02:21:06
    • Florafic‏ Airdrop Is Now Over

      Florafic on Twitter: "FIC Airdrop has officially ended! Currently, our devs started to create our own decentralized exchange called “SEEDDEX” https:/

      2018-12-02 22:49:11
    • NitrixToken Airdrop Is Now Live

      nitrixtoken on Twitter: "NITRIX TOKENS

1,000,000 Airdrop for first 200 people 


      2018-12-02 22:11:25
    • Paxcoin Airdrops Cryptocurrency 2.0 for Real Economy

      Crypto Central on Twitter: "PAXCOIN [Airdrop] - Cryptocurrency 2.0 for Real Economy
@Pax__Coin #PAXCOIN #blockchain

      2018-12-02 22:05:21
    • Anbi Airdrop Is Now Live

      CryptoGroom on Twitter: "

      2018-12-02 20:46:45
    • nDEXNetwork Airdrop Is Now Live

      nDEXMarket on Twitter: "#nDEXNetwork re tweet #giveaway 
nDEX Network is giving 600 $NDT to 3 lucky persons

      2018-12-02 20:33:32
    • New Listing on SouthXchange: EAutoCoin

      SouthXchange on Twitter: "You can now trade #EAutoCoin in SouthXchange! #ATO $ATO https://t.co/qnXxs6Z0Yd"

      2018-12-07 22:41:59
    • New Listing on Gemini: Bitcoin Cash

      We are thrilled to announce support for Bitcoin Cash trading and custody on Gemini. Beginning Saturday, December 8th at 9:30am ET you will be able to deposit Bitcoin Cash into your Gemini account…

      2018-12-07 22:39:52
    • New Listing on Nova Exchange: BitSend

      BitSend - Masternode on Twitter: "NEW EXCHANGE: $BSD is now trading on @nova_exchange across the #BTC and #DOGE pairs! Happy #trading everybody! $Bit

      2018-12-07 21:36:20
    • New Listing on LoopRing: Qbao Network

      Qbao Network on Twitter: "QBT got listed on Loopring DEX. @loopringorg @daniel_loopring @rikosap17108427 @binance @CoinMex_OS @BithumbOfficial @Kybe

      2018-12-07 20:43:13
    • New Listing on Nova Exchange: Monkey Project

      Nova Exchange on Twitter: "It's Listing Day 3!! #novaisback
The coins making Nova bigger and better on this great day is:
LPC @LightPa

      2018-12-07 20:07:58
    • New Listing on Nova Exchange: SocialSendCoin

      Nova Exchange on Twitter: "It's Listing Day 3!! #novaisback
The coins making Nova bigger and better on this great day is:
LPC @LightPa

      2018-12-07 20:06:09
    • New Listing on Nova Exchange: BitcoinFile

      Nova Exchange on Twitter: "It's Listing Day 3!! #novaisback
The coins making Nova bigger and better on this great day is:
LPC @LightPa

      2018-12-07 20:04:54
    • New Listing on Nova Exchange: DigiWage

      Nova Exchange on Twitter: "It's Listing Day 3!! #novaisback
The coins making Nova bigger and better on this great day is:
LPC @LightPa

      2018-12-07 20:00:59
    • New Listing on RFinex: Cent

      rfinex on Twitter: "#RFinex has listed #CENT

      2018-12-07 19:18:10
    • Update From TRON: Dapp Weekly Report Published

      Justin Sun on Twitter: "TRON Dapp Weekly Report 12.01-12.07. Recently, the #TRON ecosystem has witnessed explosive development. Many developers start

      2018-12-07 18:59:54
    • New Listing on MetaMorph: Civic

      MetaMorphPro on Twitter: "https://t.co/w4qygC2hcP is happy to announce that CIVIC (CVC) is now listed on our platform! 

Simply connect your

      2018-12-07 18:53:48
    • New Listing on Ecex Exchange: EtherCrypt

      Ecex Exchange - Ziggurat on Twitter: "(ECRT) ECRtokens are listed on the https://t.co/VOEUjnISk5 

      2018-12-07 18:29:45
    • New Listing on BitKer: OneGram

      BITKER on Twitter: "#OneGram (OGC) will be listed on #BITKER @OneGramNews
OGC More Details: https://t.co/4Xk8mYRKuj


      2018-12-07 18:17:22
    • New Listing on FatBTC: Swat Coin

      FatBTC on Twitter: "Dear users, FatBTC has listed SWTCoin(SWAT) and scheduled to open the SWAT/FAT trading soon. The deposits for SWAT are now availa

      2018-12-07 18:09:15
    • New Listing on CoinVault.One: Particl

      Particl [PART] on Twitter: "PART is now available on https://t.co/p8vLUJRqRp, a secure online storage and web wallet which is fully mobile responsive

      2018-12-07 17:59:39
    • New Listing on Indodax: XinFin

      XinFin Hybrid Blockchain on Twitter: "@XinFin_Official ’s XDCE gets listed on #Indodax #Exchange.

XDCE secured 1st place in the Indodax #CCV

      2018-12-07 17:54:29
    • New Listing on Blockport: Kucoin Shares

      Blockport Official on Twitter: "Next to Bitstamp and Bitfinex, we are very excited to announce that we will officially be integrating KuCoin as the t

      2018-12-07 17:45:07
    • New Listing on EXMO: HeartBout

      EXMO on Twitter: "The New Listing and Contest - @HeartBout is on EXMO

      2018-12-07 17:42:13
    • New Listing on Blockport: EOS

      Blockport Official on Twitter: "We've added EOS to the Blockport trading platform! EOS is the first of many additional tokens to be added to Bloc

      2018-12-07 17:40:19